Monday, July 27, 2015

1776: A Musical Play

1776: A Musical Play is by Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards. The text version of the play based on the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If you have not seen this play, you should. The movie version is very good, too. It is based on the actual events surrounding the signing, and is a fun way to introduce American's of all ages to the truth about the founding of our country, and the reading of drama.

Ratings: 9th grade - 10 out of 10 - P (some profanity) - AC (some mature thematic content).

Friday, July 24, 2015


1776 is by David McCullough. The magnificently told story of the year the American Revolution was almost lost before it really began. It tells the story of the year 1776, normally celebrated for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the travails of the all-too-human men who fought for American independence in the Continental Army. A Reader's Corner Highly Recommended read, this book makes you aware of just what a miracle it is that America was ever born. It will give you a new appreciation for Washington and those who fought and died for our independence. Read it!

Ratings: 9th grade - 10 out of 10 - AC (some mature thematic content).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Forever in Blue: Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood

Forever in Blue: Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood is by Ann Brashares. The pants are back, along with the four friends who wear them. Carmen is struggling to find herself. She ends up in a theater camp and lands an acting role she isn't sure she can handle. Lena makes a mental and physical break from her love for Kostas. Tibby pushes Brian away after a pregnancy scare. Bridget heads to an archeological dig in Turkey and finds herself attracted to a married man. Growing up with these girls is poignant, funny, and cathartic. A wonderful installment in this series.

Ratings: 9th grade - MP (mild profanity) - AC (some mature thematic content).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Street of the Five Moons

Street of the Five Moons is by Elizabeth Peters. The second book in the Vicky Bliss series. Art historian Vicky Bliss is working at Munich's National Museum. Then her boss brings her a forged replica of a talisman that once belonged to Charlemagne found in the pocket of a dead man in an alley. This sends her on a hunt to find out where the forgery was made and if there is a ring of forgers that need to be stopped. Her search takes her to Italy where she finds herself involved with counts, forgers, mistresses, a handsome rouge, and a friendly guard dog. This series is entertaining, but nothing like the Amelia Peabody series.

Ratings: 9th grade - 7 out of 10 - V (violence) - AC (mature thematic content).


Angel is by James Patterson. The seventh book in the Maximum Ride series. Max is still upset by Fang's decision to leave and start his own flock. While moping at her mother's house, she comes face to face with a group using brainwashing techniques to bring on the end of the world. Fang and his new flock are also fighting this new menace. Fang decides his flock must join with Max's to prevent the ultimate crisis. This book is nowhere near as charming as the first three books in the series. Let's hope the next installment reverts to the original magic of this series.

Ratings: 7th grade - 4 out of 10.

Faerie Wars

Faerie Wars is by Herbie Brennan. The first book in the Faerie Wars Chronicles. Pyrgus is the son of the Purple Emperor, the king of Faerie. He is more interested in animals than running the kingdom and spends most of his time outside the palace disguised as a commoner. In our world young Henry Atherton is struggling with his family's disintegration. He spends his time working for old Mr. Fogarty, a former bank robber and mechanical genius. When Pyrgus is translated to Mr. Fogarty's yard, Henry and Mr. Fogarty must help Pyrgus save the faerie kingdom from an assassination attempt and a demon invasion. A rather scientific take on fantasy. A good start to a promising series.

Ratings: 8th grade - 8 out of 10 - AC (some mature thematic content).