Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ender's Game

Ender's Game is by Orson Scott Card. The first book in the Ender series. This book is classic science fiction and a must read for all ages. A Reader's Corner highly recommended read. Earth fought off the alien "buggers" when they attacked before, but now they're back and the existence of humanity rests on the next war. The military has recruited a brilliant soldier who might be able to command the battle and save Earth. Who is this savior of mankind? Ender Wiggins: he's brilliant, cunning, ruthless, and six-years-old. Can Colonel Graff turn a child into a warrior? And at what cost? A brilliantly well-written and chillingly thought-provoking read. A magnificent classic.

Ratings: 7th grade - 10 out of 10 - AC (some mature thematic content).

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