Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geat Expectations

Great Expectations is by Charles Dickens. Miss Dayna's All-Time-Favorite Book! A must read classic. Pip is an orphan living with his nasty sister and her ignorant, but gentle, husband the blacksmith, Joe. When Pip suddenly comes into "great expectations" through the assistance of an anonymous benefactor he must leave for London to pursue his fortune. Pip believes his benefactor to be the crazy Miss Havisham and is thrilled since he loves her lovely, but distant, adopted daughter Estelle. When he discovers the identity of his mysterious friend his whole life changes again. A magnificent tale of crime, revenge, reward, and what really matters most in life. A Reader's Corner Must Read!

Ratings: 9th grade - 10 out of 10 - AC (some mature thematic content).

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