Sunday, October 18, 2015


Swamplandia! is by Karen Russell. The Bigtree clan owns a run down tourist trap in the Florida Everglades, called Swamplandia, where the family raises and wrestles alligators they call "seths". Thirteen-year-old Ava, her brother Kiwi, and her sister Ossie have never known another home. After the death of their headliner mother, the family disintegrates. Her father withdraws, her brother heads for the mainland to work at a rival theme park, and her sister runs off into the swamp with a mysterious character called the Dredgeman. Her search for her sister takes Ava deep into the mystical and dangerous Everglades.

Ratings: Adult - 7 out of 10 - P (profanity) - AC (mature thematic content).

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